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Email Me Safe Protecting Your Dreams

It is highly probable that unprotected emails are one of the main reasons why the USA does not have its first female president. Unfortunately, the information fraud, including email content monitoring and theft is more common than people believe it is.

Our aim is to prevent such situations from happening ever again by new way of information and email content protection. Our users are able to protect their emails quickly, effortlessly and with minimal or no cost (free option is available).

According to IBM's Cost of Data Breach Study, the average consolidated total cost of a data breach grew from $3.8 million to $4 million recently when almost 25% of US companies every year experience some form of cyber-attack resulting in data loss.

Email Me Safe Benefits

Mail Me Safe is not only easy to use but it is also extremely affordable due to low or no cost of implementation and ownership (FREE OPTION available). All benefits are available immediately after registering. Send or read protected emails within minutes.*

Mail Me Safe is independent to any email provider. Users keep their emails. No transfer of email account or a change of email address is necessary!

When the use of MS Outlook with Mail Me Safe Add-in is the easiest and the most convenient way of email protection which could be fully automated**, users are encouraged to use their favorite email clients and web browsers and still enjoy all benefits of email protection by Mail Me Safe.

* To be able to read or send a protected email via Oghma website the user only needs to register for Oghma Email Protection. No additional steps are required!
**An email is automatically protected during sending based on set preferences and it is also automatically unlocked/original email content restored when it is opened for reading.

About Email Me Safe

Email Me Safe is based on a simple idea. If the email content does not travel via normal email channels but instead it is saved onto a secure server and some generic notification is sent instead, no sensitive information could be stolen from this email.

Email notification contains the link to a secure server where the email content is protected on several levels:

  • Only registered users have an access to the server
  • Only sender and receiver have an access to each email
  • The email content is stored in cloud space of sender, it remains his or her property
  • The email could be automatically deleted after reading
  • Any email could be additionally encrypted by its own encryption key

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